#447  Able to override issue state transition rules at project level
Stanislav N. opened 2 weeks ago

When looking in Administration -> Issue Setting -> State Transitions I saw:

Define default issue transitions for all projects here. A certain project can override this setting to define its own issue transitions.

But in project's settings there are no ability to do that - there are no settings about issues, I can only enable or disable them.

Robin Shen commented 2 weeks ago

This is a documentation mistake. State transitions per project is not implemented yet. Changed issue type to improvement.

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No way to override issue transitions per-project while admin panel says it's possible
Able to override issue state transition rules at project level
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Specify issue transition rule for certain projects is actually possible. This can done by adding a project criteria to applicable issues setting of the rule.

Stanislav N. commented 1 week ago

Hm, yes, you're right. Yet it is counterintuitive (otherwise this issue won't be created at all) and docstrong in state management interface misleads.

I think there are two ways to go:
1. Fix docstring on top of issue's state management that do not add misunderstandings and mention that project should be defined in "Applicable issues" field.
2. Add state management UI in project's settings.

Robin Shen commented 1 week ago

Thanks. Will add necessary documents on that. The way of using applicable issues is much flexible and concept consistent, and it allows configuring state transition not only based on projects, but also based on any custom field values, and they all conveyed via OneDev's issue query.

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