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Usage Scenario

Auto-create an issue and assign to committer for investigation upon build failure on master branch; Auto-close the issue when subsequent build succeeds again

How to Set Up

  1. OneDev ships with an issue type Build Failure like below:

    Issue Type Build Failure

  2. OneDev ships with a custom field Build to record failed builds like below. It is set to show only when issue type is Build Failure:

    Issue Field Build

  3. OneDev ships with a transition to close build failure issues when subsequent builds succeed on master branch:

    Issue Fix Build Failure Transition

  4. Now the settings to auto-close build failure issues upon build success is in place. We continue to add settings to auto-create such issues upon build failure. To do it, edit onedev build spec to add a post build action create issue like below:

    Create Issue Upon Build Failure

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