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Develop Built-in Plugins

Built-in plugins ships together with OneDev, and requires OneDev source code to develop. Follow below steps to add a new built-in plugin project:

  1. First follow this guide to set up OneDev development environment

  2. Add a new plugin project by adding a new Maven module:


  3. In next page, specify module name. The module name should follow the convention of server-plugin-. And the parent project should be specified as server-plugin. Also make sure NOT to check the create a simple project option


  4. Click the next button to go to next page. If this is the first time you adding a OneDev plugin, you will need to click the configure button to add OneDev remote archetype catalog. The catalog url is: Apply and close the catalog adding dialog, Eclipse should list all archetypes relating to OneDev. If you added the catalog before, just input io.onedev to filter the archetype


  5. From OneDev archetype list page, choose the archetype matching your current OneDev version (Check OneDev server pom file to find current version)


  6. In the next page, specify group id and version. For built-in plugin project, group id must always be io.onedev, and version will actually be ignored (always use current OneDev version)


  7. Finish adding the plugin. Eclipse will take a while to build the newly added plugin. Then edit file pom.xml of project server-product to make it depends on the newly added plugin


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