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Usage Scenario

Fix issues via commit message to link issues, commits, builds and pull requests

How to Set Up

Issues can be fixed via commit message with below pattern:

[fix|fixing|fixed|resolve|resolving|resolved] issue #[issue number] [:optional issue description]

For instance: fix issue #100, resolve issue #200: Add Kubernetes support

With this info, OneDev is able to set up cross references between issue, commit, and build. For instance, you may:

  • Get to know which commit a issue is fixed in, and what pull request it is currently being reviewed:

    Issue Commit And Pull Request

  • List all builds containing fix of the issue:

    Issue Builds

  • List all issues fixed between any two builds:

    Issues Fixed Between Builds

  • List all pull requests containing the issue:

    Pull Requests Including Issue

  • List all release builds fixing particular issues:

    Release Builds Fixing Issues

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