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Usage Scenario

Login with GitHub account

How to Set Up

  1. Make sure your OneDev instance can be accessed publicly, and configure the public server url in Administration / System Setting

    Configure Server Url

  2. At GitHub side, register OneDev as a OAuth application under either a user account or an organization account

    Github Register Onedev1

    Github Register Onedev2

  3. After registering, GitHub will display client id and secret for the application, which will be used later

    Github Register Onedev3

  4. At OneDev side, add a single sign on provider of type OpenID (GitHub) in Administration / Single Sign On Providers and fill in client id and secret shown above

    Add Github Sso

  5. Save the setting, click the definition to show details, and copy the callback URL

    Github Sso Details

  6. Now paste the copied callback URL into OneDev application registered at GitHub side, and save the setting

    Update Github Callback Url

  7. Logout OneDev and you will see a Login with GitHub button at bottom of the login screen. Any GitHub account with a public email will be able to login via this button now

    Github Login Button

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