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Usage Scenario

Run builds on Windows node in Kubernetes cluster

How to Set Up

Windows requires that the OS version of your image needs to be compatible with that of worker node. For instance, worker node of OS version 1903 can only run images with OS version 1903 or earlier. In practice, we suggest to use same OS version for image and worker node to avoid potential issues.

Let's go through an example to demonstrate this process:

  1. Create a Kubernetes cluster containing Windows node on Azure following this tutorial (At the time writing this doc, Kubernetes version 1.14.6 used in the tutorial is no longer available in the region. You may need to use a later version such as 1.14.8)
  2. Deploy OneDev server into created cluster following this guide
  3. Visit job executors page in administration menu of OneDev, delete the default auto-discover executor, and add a Kubernetes executor with below label selectors (assume name of Windows node pool is npwin):

    Label Name Label Value windows
  4. Get build number of one of the Windows node with below command:

    kubectl get node <node name> -o jsonpath={.status.nodeInfo.kernelVersion} | awk -F'.' '{print $3}'

    Node name can be listed by running command kubectl get nodes

  5. Map build number to OS version with below table:

    Build Number OS Version
    14393 1607
    16299 1709
    17134 1803
    17763 1809
    18362 1903
    18363 1909
    19041 2004
    19042 20H2
  6. Create a project in OneDev, and add file with name .onedev-buildspec from web UI directly
  7. Add a demonstration CI job, with below settings:

    Image Command<OS version from above step> echo hello world
  8. Save and run the job. The job may take much longer than Linux based jobs for the first run, due to the fact that Windows image is much larger

NOTE: For fields accepting variables in build spec, make sure to use double slash as Windows path separator as single back slash is treated as escape character

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