#10  npm/nuget registry
Robin Shen opened 2 years ago

Having an npm/nuget registry externally is tedious just more places and accounts to keep track of, So having it integrated will truly be a relief.

bufferUnderrun commented 1 year ago

I don't understand this ticket. Could tout explain a little more as i use nuget for my dotnet project. Maybe i will learn some new stuff.


Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

With built-in NuGet repository, OneDev will be able to reproduce any binary files by rerun corresponding build jobs. Also it is possible to analyze project dependency easily to do some interesting things such as running all projects using a library when a library is changed, etc.

bufferUnderrun commented 1 year ago

I've finally setup onedev to do CI/CD with jobs, very powerfull !!

I better understand the nature of your ticket : i'm building dotnet projects with many nuget packages dependencies.
In my build job, i run command "nuget restore %SRC_BUILD_SOLUTION%" which take a long time, approx 2min to retrieve all packages. Many of theses packages are used by other projects of mine.

I assume with a nuget repository, onedev could retrieve localy and do some caching to reduce this time ?

Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

Performance is one reason, but the main reason is to provide better integration experience including:

  1. OneDev can easily know which job is used to generate an artifact, and can recreate it exactly when it is missing.
  2. Compare artifacts versions to get source/issue level changes
  3. OneDev can easily know dependencies between different projects, and can then auto-trigger jobs of downstream projects to verify dependency changes
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