#320  Support for multiple email addresses for a user
Artur opened 3 weeks ago

It is quite common that a developer uses many email addresses over the course of years of development or different email address at different Git services.

When a repository is pushed to OneDev to which user pushed code using different email address in the past, this change is not recognized as user's code.

Other services solve that by allowing a user to specify multiple emails, so the system recognizes user's ownership of the code.

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Artur commented 2 weeks ago

Thank you for adding this. I am now testing it and I can now provide multiple email addresses. However, when I hover mouse over commit, I can still see "First Last (Author) No OneDev Account" for some commits. For other commits it shows correctly - "First Last (Author) @kobit"

At this point I am not sure if I used yet another email address for this specific commit or if 1dev does not recognize one of provided email addresses.

Is there any way to see for the commit user details, like email address or something?

Robin Shen commented 1 week ago

You will have to run git command locally to find out which email that commit is using.

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