#366  Issue and pull request notification email customization
Artur opened 2 weeks ago

I could not find a way to customize issue notification emails. It would be good if we could do some basic customization like branding, default test included in the bottom of the email, etc...

This would be very important when onedev project is used as a helpdesk for customers.

Robin Shen commented 2 weeks ago

Can you please help me understand the scenario of including default test in the notification email? Will it be sufficient for your support staff to author the markdown to include desired content?

Artur commented 1 week ago

Well, as we use issues system to provide technical support and general helpdesk, we have some additional, custom headers and footers for the messages set on per-project basis. Like:

This message is from Our Company support system. You can respond by replying to this message or can open the link to respond on our website and access entire communication.

Main body of the message......

All tickets resolved within 15 minutes are free of charge under any paid support plan, otherwise support is charged at regular consulting rates.

You (user) received this message because you subscribe to notification events for this issue. To unsubscribe edit your notification preferences in our system.

So what we really need is to be able to add custom header and/or footer to issue notifications per project.

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