#4  Able to import projects from other products
Robin Shen opened 1 year ago

Able to import projects from other products such as GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket etc.

Robin Shen changed title 1 year ago
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Able to import/export projects between OneDev and other products Able to import projects from other products
Mikhail Kulakovskiy commented 1 year ago

Do you plan on adding two-way sync between onedev and cloud git hostings? As I see it, you could have a page in project settings with two fileds:

Right now we're trying to implement this behaviour with a job, that runs git push triggered on any commit, plus an external webhook running on the same machine as onedev, triggering git fetch in /opt/onedev/site/projects/X/git path. But this is kind of complex to set up manually, and also you need to modify git config for fetch to import remote commits in local bare repo. Would be nice to have this feature automatically out of box.

Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

This deserves a separate feature request. Filed as issue #66

Quany commented 1 year ago


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