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Michael Weimann opened 10 months ago

Hey @robin

Here are some ideas for the website's header. I would be also happy to implement that.

  • Update of the header
    • OneDev logo at the top of course :)
    • Slogan "OneDev - Self Hosted All-in-One DevOps Platform" next to it
  • Kind of a menu/navigation
    • GitHub Stars link
    • "Doc" link pointing to the manual
    • Contribute link pointing to development setup section of the manual
    • "Demo" link pointing to the code.onedev.io
    • I am not sure whether or not the latter two should be merged. $people tend look for different things like a demo or a way to report issues or help.

I am looking forward for your feedback and thoughts about it.

Robin Shen commented 10 months ago

All are good ideas. Please go ahead to send pull request.

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Web site is re-directed to code.ondev.io, and this is no longer desirable

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