OneDev 10 community edition introduces package registries

OneDev 10 community edition is available with built-in registries for Docker, NPM, Maven, NuGet, PyPi and RubyGems.

The out-of-box integration of packages, CI/CD, code and issues makes information cross-reference a lot easier. Some feature highlights compared to other package registries:

Linked with build automatically

Packages published via CI/CD job will be linked with build automatically, with fixed issues and source changes info available:


Package query and subscription

Published packages can be queried with a powerful query language, and you can even subscribe to query to get notifications from further publications:


Package compare

Published package can be compared with previous versions to list fixed issues or source changes:


Storage high scalability and availability (enterprise edition)

The high availability feature available in enterprise edition allows to distribute packages to multiple servers transparently as well as maintaining multiple replicas of packages

For details, please check

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