Working with Boards and Iterations

Iteration is a core concept in OneDev to support progressive and iterative working on issues. Together with issue board, it can easily achieve typical development methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

Create Issues

Issues can be created from board directly like below:


When an iteration is selected, one can create issues directly in selected iteration, or click backlog button to show backlog column and create issues there to be planned later:


Plan Iterations

One can select an existing iteration or create new iteration and drag backlog issues into it to plan the work:


Iterations can be closed to indicate finish of unit of work. For issues not finished yet, you may move them to next open iteration like below:



An issue can be associated with multiple iterations, so it is totally valid to keep unfinished issues in old iterations while set a new iteration for them. Actually this approach is recommended as iteration history is retained and burndown chart of old iterations will be accurate.

Work on Issues

Issues will be moved between different columns automatically when certain events happened, or can be dragged manually to applicable columns, depending on issue transition rules. When start to drag an issue, applicable columns will be highlighted:


Multi-Level Iterations

By default, iteration menu displays all available iterations. The iteration prefix property in board setting allows to only show iterations whose name starts with a certain string. We can use this feature to achieve multi-level iterations: first plan issues into high level iterations, for instance, releases. Then for issues in upcoming release, plan them into sprints.

Let's demonstrate this with an example. Assume we are working on 11.0 release, and we need to create a board planning sprints of this release. To do it:

  1. Set the board base query as "Iteration" is "11.0", and board backlog base query as "Iteration" is "11.0" and "State" is "Todo". This tells the board to only show issues belonging to 11.0 release
  2. Set the iteration prefix as 11.0/. This tells the board to only show iterations with name starting with 11.0/. This also requires that name of new iterations created via this board should start with 11.0/

With this setting, we can plan 11.0 issues into sprints in the board, for instance, 11.0/sprint1, 11.0/sprint2, etc.


Board Column Customization

We can customize board columns in board settings to show different aspects of issues, such as type, priority, assignee etc, and move issues between these columns to change the value. Further, you may customize issue states and fields and adjust board queries and columns to make important information explicit and organized


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