OneDev 10.1 - Centralized job cache, build staging on PV for Kubernetes executor, and others

OneDev 10.1 is now available. Features and improvements introduced in this release:

Centralized job cache

OneDev now stores job cache on server instead of local disk so that it can be maintained and shared more easily. Due to this, cache settings defined at job level are removed, and the set up cache step should be used instead. Check the tutorial for details


Build staging on PV for Kubernetes executor

Kubernetes executor now suppors to place intermediate files required by job execution on dynamically allocated persistent volume instead of emptyDir


Build spec editor improvements

Build spec editor sees improvements to copy job/step, add step before/after existing step, and change type of existing step


Custom logo for dark mode

Brand settings now supports to specify a separate logo for dark mode


CORS support

The security setting now supports to specify list of allowed origins for cross-origin resource sharing


RESTful api improvement

Commits endpoint of repository restful api is improved to return additional information according to field parameter. This includes message, parents, committer, author, changed files, and changed lines

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