OneDev 10.6 - JIRA style issue key

OneDev references issues in markdown or commit message in form of #<issue number> which is convenient. However when reference issues in other projects, the project path should be prefixed, for instance path/to/project#100, and this may result in a long reference string. Even worse, when the project is renamed or relocated in the hierarchy, project path changes and this causes previous cross-project issue references no longer valid, resulting in broken links.

The 10.6 release addresses this problem allowing to specify project key, and issues can now be referenced in form of <project key>-<issue number>. The project key is expected to be short and it should not be changed once defined, hence the new issue key will be concise and stable. To remain backward compatibility, old fasion of issue reference will still work even if project key is defined.

Note that project key is not mandatory. You may select to define keys for projects which manage issues and these issues need to be referenced from other projects.

Worth to mention that this also applies to pull requests and builds.

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