OneDev 10.8 is released

OneDev 10.8 is now available with below improvements:

Sequential job execution control

Jobs can now optionally define a sequential group in more settings for sequential execution control. Jobs executed by same job executor with same sequential group will be executed sequentially, whether or not these jobs belong to same project, or different projects. This is useful for instance if you want to ensure exclusive access to some shared resource, such as deploying to same environment etc.


Able to adjust issue board card manually

Issue board card can now be adjusted manually via drag&drop. To avoid confusion, ordering by criteria in board query is no longer supported.


Previously all issue links will be displayed in issue side bar even if no issues are associated. This can bloat the side bar if many issue links are defined. Now you can select to hide some or all of them when define the issue link.


Some other improvements

  • Show package size in package list and detail page
  • RESTful api to manage issue links
  • Show user who removed issue or pull request comments
  • Plugin extension point to check commmits in git pre-receive hook
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